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Are you looking to buy PVC and CPVC Pipes and Fittings? Do not buy Pipes without reading this article..

Are you looking for cost of pipe and fittings or pipe and fitting price lists? To download price list of pipes and fittings of various brands in India, go to the bottom of the page.

In spite of the slash in the real estate business around the past few years, the interest for financially savvy, solid and excellent piping, fittings and plumbing frameworks have expanded in the market. This survey is particularly evident to past 10 years or so, when the real estate and property business building division encountered a profitable boom. Today, in the event that you want to have your pipes fixed, or if a new home or office construction and development is in progress, you will require a great material and finishing works for the pipeline fittings and assembly.

What brands of PVC and CPVC are available in the Market?

The crucial difference between PVC and CPVC pipes that most buyers notice is usually the additional “C,” which stands for “chlorinated” which affects the usage of CPVC piping and fitting assembly. There is also a noteworthy difference in pricing of both the pipes along with the fittings. Even though both of these prices are more affordable than conventional piping and plumbing solutions like steel, iron or copper, the price of CPVC is however much higher and majorly used in both luxury apartments, homes or industrial piping systems. There are various other differences between the PVC and CPVC piping and fittings, like size, strength, color, and limitations that will finally determine the best choice for any kind of piping and plumbing construction. Common Brands that are mostly available in the market are as follows:

1. Ajay Pipes: Setup during the 1961 with huge varieties and applications in the piping business, Ajay pipes (SWR, Water and Plumbing solutions) having their manufacturing plants in industrial cities of the nation have wide range of options for pipes, plumbing solutions and fittings. Today, Ajay Pipes provides high performance, long durability and safe solutions for India's growing pipeline needs with the sign of unbeaten quality and trust.

2. Astraal: was commenced in 1996 with the ambition of arranging pipe fittings, assembling plumbing, agricultural, sewage and fire sprinkling system across the nation. They are also covered with other production processes e.g. insulation, cable or wire protection system and industrial piping assembly.

3. Ashirwaad: with its state-of-the-art factory At Bangaluru, the company has an annual manufacturing capacity of over 1 Lakh metric tons of pipeline system for domestic, industrial and agricultural usages. The company was founded in 1975.

4. Supreeme: is an Indian plastics industry based out of Maharashtra founded which handles over 4.5 Lac MT of plastic polymers including PVC, HIPS, PP, HDPE etc annually. They also manufacture agricultural/horticultural piping assembly, plumbing solutions, furniture, automotive parts and Shipping bags.

5. Finolux: also based out of India is yet another large domestic manufacturer of PVC pipes in India which is also recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of resins and other polymers in India. Other product from Finolex Industries includes electrical and wiring solutions, products and agricultural and industrial pipe assembly and fittings.

How to make sure of low-quality and duplicate materials of PVC and CPVC in the Market?

Well for genuine buyers, it won’t be difficult to notice the differences of quality and cheapness of the PVC and CPVC products. However, as the competition becomes aggressive, many low-quality polymers are being dumped into the market to achieve the market share. The prominent makers of PVC and CPVC pipe solutions mentioned above are well known for their quality and trust they built over decades, however, with increasing number of competitors and plagiarism, we are poorly equipped to find best quality of pipe assembly and fittings system. Here we are mentioning 3 crucial parameters which should be noticed to buy proper material of PVC and CPVC.

    • Raw Materials
    • Thickness
    • Finishing and Availability

There are numerous petty makers of PVC and CPVC pipes and assembly that make good quality products, however for best quality and ease we'll discuss top brands just like the layman keeping no doubt what would they be purchasing.

Simply by repeating the main concern is to check for the best quality and the most genuine method to identify best quality pipes is by checking the ingredients or raw material and the weight or thickness of the Pipes. Although it may be hard to find the top brands in the market or from plethora of shops, however brands provides you the quality as usual and may differ in pricing also.

Bonus Tip on PVC and CPVC: We should be well aware that both PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings are suitable for hot/warm water usage as well and as they can be leveraged on high pressures thereby not requiring the use of iron/steel pipes in the piping and the plumbing industry. Indeed, the most ideal approach to check a piping and fittings quality is by identifying the source of raw materials and the thickness.

Raw Materials include added chemical or substance to manipulate the piping strength and cost. However top brands like Ajay Pipes, Ashirwaad, Astraal were all licensees of Flowguard™ (Lubrizol) and were the pioneers in CPVC piping in India. They are known to provide consistent quality without undermining the quality of their products. Some dealers may be deceptive by not providing the best quality but one can always push for it from the respective dealers or distributors.

Many brands in India are today using Chinese resins to produce their pipes and fittings and are relatively of lower quality. They may also be identified in the market if you closely monitor their thickness and finishing. They may also weigh less and be sold under no brand name:

How to get hold of best pricing of PVC and CPVC Pipe and fittings that provides you value as well?

While buying the best quality PVC and CPVC piping assembly including fittings, Always check for great and top brands. Many small manufacturers may be deceptive when they are deliberately manipulating the product composition and raw materials. They may also keep the price low to attract more buyers and keep brand away, however brands like Ajay Pipes, Ashirwaad & Astraal always give you the most satisfaction and value. Hence one should have a grave look at the brand that offers the best, long-lasting value for PVC and CPVC pipe solutions for domestic, agricultural and industrial usages at competitive price. Due to competitive market scenario it has also become difficult for major companies and makers to disclose pricing details as it may undermine business secrecy. However we will attach a link and contact details to confirm the pricing of different brands of PVC and CPVC pipes and fittings.

Below mentioned are 4 criteria with which one can choose best PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings.

Download price list of pipes and fittings of various brands in India.

Ashirvad Prince Finolex Supreme
Price lists of Ashirvad pipes & fittings Price lists of Prince pipes & fittings Price lists of Finolex pipes & fittings Price lists of Supreme pipes & fittings
Ashirvad pipe & fittings price list Prince pipe & fittings price lis Finolex pipe & fittings price list Supreme pipe & fittings price list
Cost of Ashirvad pipes and fittings Cost of Prince pipes and fittings Cost of Finolex pipes and fittings Cost of Supreme pipes and fittings
Ashirvad pvc pipe fittings price list or Agri pipe & fittings price list Prince pvc pipe fittings price list or Agri pipe & fittings price list Finolex pvc pipe fittings price list or Agri pipe & fittings price list Supreme pvc pipe fittings price list or Agri pipe & fittings price list
Ashirvad upvc pipe & fittings price list Prince upvc pipe & fittings price list Finolex upvc pipe & fittings price list Supreme upvc pipe & fittings price list
Ashirvad cpvc pipe & fittings price list Prince cpvc pipe & fittings price list Finolex cpvc pipe & fittings price list Supreme cpvc pipe & fittings price list
Ashirvad swr pipe & fittings price list Prince swr pipe & fittings price list Finolex swr pipe & fittings price list Supreme swr pipe & fittings price list


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